Bilingual Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist Madrid

Bilingual Psychoanalist

Mila Ruiz is a certified professional Bilingual Spanish-English

with a broad experience of more than 30 years as a clinical Psychoanalyst psychologist in Madrid and in New York.

Through Psychoanalysis you can discover which obstacles sluggish, frustrate and disable you in your everyday life.
The knowledge that we can achieve about ourselves with the Psychoanalysis award us with the privilege of surpassing, understand and resolve the causes of our suffering, symptoms and distress.


Psychoterapy in Madrid

Psychoanalysis is a talking therapy that works:
  • Stimulating reflection, thinking about oneself and how we relate to others

  • Encouraging to put all your thoughts and ruminations into spoken words

  • Discovering what reasons mark us what seems like a destiny unable to be controlled

  • Helping us to reach our dreams and what we really want

  • Always respecting the most intimate, particular and distinctive of each of us, no matter the race, culture or any personal choices of our lives.

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Mila Ruiz Diaz – Psychoterapy Madrid