All analysts are mortal. Todos los analistas somos mortales.

And we have to remember that, yes, all analysts are mortal. Death is responsible for reminding us of our existence because sometimes life hangs by a thread, the thread of desire, always unsatisfied, “a golden thread of enjoyment”, and this thread loops around the real of life.

Y tenemos que recordar que, sí, todos los analistas somos mortales. La muerte es la responsable de recordarnos nuestra existencia, porque algunas veces, la vida cuelga de un hilo, el hilo del deseo, siempre insatisfecho, “el hilo de oro del disfrute”, y este hilo gira alrededor del real de la vida,

Open the window

If we are in a confinement we can still open the window.

Look at the horizon, it is blank….so, as an artist do with a canvas, be courageous, put in it whatever you dream about!

Mila R. Haynes
“The horizon is still blank”

Leave the window of your analysis open.

Wherever it takes place, the analytic session is an open window onto the other scene. The unconscious surprises you when it wants, as soon as it can. Behind this window stands the real.