Black & White

9 de Enero 2021

Black & White

Absolutamente espectacular. INÉDITO. Una borrasca, “Filomena” colapsa Madrid capital y comunidad, y gran parte de España. Primero el bichito que tiene al mundo entero en vilo,…ahora una capital europea bloqueada por la nieve. Ni las ambulancias pueden salir, ni llegar a los hospitales…si hoy alguien tiene una urgencia en Madrid, no podrá ser atendido…

Una vez más, la realidad, lo Real en psicoanálisis,  supera toda ficción, todo semblante, e imaginario…a penas nos queda lo simbólico, como estas letras que se deslizan desde mi intelecto-ser a la pluma y de ahí al papel.

Palabras, significantes que intentan rodear, quizá adornar, ese Real que siempre, siempre, siempre se nos escapa…y nos supera? Ahí, no siempre.

A veces, como hoy, lo abrazamos, lo acogemos de alguna manera con lo simbólico y lo enredamos en nuestra querida cadena borromea para hacer, incluso a veces, espectaculares trenzas.

Yo lo recojo hoy en este escrito, porque la emoción y el espectáculo tras los cristales de casa, de cielos blancos, copos arrastrados por la ventisca constante, calles, árboles y edificios cubiertos por metros de nieve, se me desbordan en estas líneas negras que formando palabras escritas quisieran decir algo, o quizá nada…

Solo, sin embargo


             Lo Real

                 …que una vez más

               deja para mi,

               clara evidencia de su primacía.

                            ES  PECTA   CULAR!!!

Madrid. Avenida Doctor Arce. 9, Enero, 2021
Madrid. Avenue Doctor Arce. January 9th. 2021
Mila R. Haynes

January, 9th, 2021

Black & White

            Absolutely spectacular. UNTOLD. A tempest, “Filomena” collapses Madrid capital, community and a big part of Spain. First the tiny bug that has put the whole world on edge…now an European city blocked by snow. Not the ambulances can leave, nor reach the hospitals…if anybody is in an emergency today in Madrid, they would not be attended…

            Once again, the reality, the Real in psychoanalysis, outdoes fiction, every Semblance and Imaginary…we merely have left the symbolic, as this letters slippering from my self-intellect to the fountain pen, and from there to the paper.

            Words, signifiers trying to surround, perhaps adorn, that Real that always, always, always flees from us…and surpass us? There, not always.

            Sometimes, like today, we embrace it, we accommodate it somehow thanks to the Symbolic, and we twisted it in our beloved Borromeo´s chain to make with it, even sometimes, spectacular braids.

            I do embrace it today in this writing, because the emotion and the spectacle behind our windows, the white sky, snowflakes dragged by the constant blizzard, streets, trees and buildings covered by meters of snow are pouring out in these black lines, which shaping written words would like to say something, or perhaps nothing…

            Just, nevertheless

                     nip it,

                        the Real

                             …that ones again

                             make to me,

                             clear evidence of its primacy.

                                     OUT  STAND ING!!!!

Madrid. Berlin. Park. January 9th, 2021
Madrid. Parque de Berlín. 9 de Enero, 2021
Mila R. Haynes

After the coronavirus passes

After the coronavirus passes, so they say, the world will not go back to what it was before. When we emerge on the other side of the pandemic’s rabbit hole, they tell us, the world will be different and so will we. Current views suggest that a crisis is a door to the unknown and many try to speculate what the future holds, letting free a surge of fantasmatic and delusional forecasts. Nevertheless, the majority agrees it is yet too soon to estimate what may follow once the pandemic settles down.

Ninety years ago, when the world was in turbulence, in times of major political, social and economic changes, Freud published what was badly translated as “Civilization And Its Discontents” – “Das Unbehagen In Der Kultur”[1]. Only ten years earlier he lost his daughter, Sophie, to the Spanish flu. The young democracy of the republic of Weimar was unstable and fragile, the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the ensuing financial crisis took its victims and central European anti-Semitism was on the rise. Perhaps it was a sense of urgency that drove him to write this prophetic text.

In order to avoid dis-civilized mayhem, man must relinquish happiness and freedom“, Freud claimed. For culture to be established and for it to endure, human beings need to forego their aspirations for complete happiness and whole-encompassing freedom. “We shall never completely subdue nature”, Freud wrote. “It seems to be certain that our present-day civilization does not inspire in us a feeling of well-being” he added, and “the liberty of the individual is not a benefit of culture” he concluded. Admirably, Freud went very far with his propositions, but perhaps he did not go all the way.

In his Seminar XI – The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis – Lacan said that “[The] split constitutes the characteristic dimension of analytic discovery and experience; it enables us to apprehend the real, in its dialectical effects, as originally unwelcome. It is precisely through this that the Real finds itself, in the subject, to a very great degree the accomplice of the drive”. The lost object which inhabits this split, as a void, is what bears the name in Lacanian algebra – the petit a.

“The Void”
Mila R. Haynes

We “have recognized the evolution of culture as a special process, comparable to the normal growth of an individual to maturity”, Freud maintained. Hence, we may accordingly maintain, that cultures, as subjects, are constituted upon a split, a Real, an object petit a, which is an accomplice of the drive.

In this respect, happiness and freedom waived on behalf of culture, are but mere objects of disposal, standing for object petit a, inhabiting the void of the Real and concealing castration, just for them to be constituted as lost objects to begin with. As such, they are but remnants, fragments, leftovers to be rid of, in order for culture to sustain itself.

Three years after the publication of “Das Unbehagen In Der Kultur”, Freud had witnessed how the National Socialist Party of Germany gained government control and embarked on a venture to create a new German culture and identity, while Jews where radicalized as an object a, embodying a Real excess that the fabric of Nazism could not incorporate.

Indeed, we cannot thus far tell how we will emerge on the other side of the pandemic, but be that as it may, whatever new forms of culture will appear, they will materialize according to the choice of that which will occupy the place of object petit a and will be the accomplice of the drive.

Yaron Gilat

Open the window

If we are in a confinement we can still open the window.

Look at the horizon, it is blank….so, as an artist do with a canvas, be courageous, put in it whatever you dream about!

Mila R. Haynes
“The horizon is still blank”

Leave the window of your analysis open.

Wherever it takes place, the analytic session is an open window onto the other scene. The unconscious surprises you when it wants, as soon as it can. Behind this window stands the real.